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Ric Vatner, The Publisher Of Covid-19 Survival Guide


I’m Ric Vatner, the publisher of Covid-19 Survival Guide

Covid-19 is not just a global pandemic, it is a world changing event like the Great Flu Pandemic in 1919 or World War 1 and World War 2. Such events are a shared experience by everyone and we believe your story is just as important as any politician or celebrity.

So I would like to ask you to please share your story of your experiences so we have a permanent record for history and as a side benefit, other people, wherever they are in the world, will know they are not alone.

Covid-19 Survival Guide - Share Your Story

One noticeable aspect of Covid-19 and the lockdowns is that we are all affected in different ways.

I, for example, have always lived a very busy life with little to no spare time. When Covid-19 struck in Australia, where I live, our clients melted away within the first couple of weeks and I found I suddenly had a lot of spare time. At first it felt strange and I walked the corridor wondering how long I could take this strange quietness.

But then I realised there were many things I had always wanted to do but never had the time. I had bought courses that I never finished, I have a whole library of books including many new ones that I haven’t read and I had many ideas that I never had time to develop.

The next 3 months became my most productive and yes, I can even say, they were a happy time, apart from the drastic reduction in income. Most of my clients and staff were in lockdown so I had few interruptions but still had the cost (I guess you could say that was a double edged sword), my kids visited me more often (Maybe that was illegal, I’m not sure) but at least once a week we played cards and talked and laughed. My Covid-19 experience has not been the tragedy it is for many others.

While my experience has not been too bad, I know that is not the general experience. I see on the daily news the fear and hurt, loss of hope, frustration and anger of many others and that not only disturbs me but I feel guilty. Guilty; that I am not suffering like them. I can’t ignore what’s happening, so I decided to create this website to both record, what I hope, is a once in a lifetime event and to pay tribute to the people who are bearing the worst of it and are so often overlooked.

It is my way to recognise what others are experiencing. I want to document what is happening around the world and help people see that they are not alone and that each person’s suffering is unique but in many ways the same. I soon realised we cannot truly capture the effect of the pandemic through the published news alone, we need to get YOUR STORY as well.

I hope you will share your story, the wins and the losses you have experienced and your hopes for the future. Tell us how has your life changed?

I promise you we will treat your story respectfully.

Ric Vatner  


You can write or paste your story in the text box and you can also attach an image, a video or an audio file to go with the story.

If you do not like to write stories, you can just write short description and then attach a video or audio file.

Best Wishes and Please, Stay Safe

Ric Vatner

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